Mid Week Bible Study

Book of Isaiah
Chapter 14
Read Chapter 14: 1 – 32
What will happen in verses 1 – 3 to those who captured Israel?

Look at verses 4 – 8 what is the song being sung?
What is the excitement in verses 9 – 11?
What sin is happening in verses 12 – 21?
What is going to happen in verses 22 – 23?
What is the message to Assyria in verses 24 – 27?
What is the message about Philistia?
End of Chapter 14  

Daily Reading
Sunday – Psalm 121
Monday – Isaiah 40
Tuesday – Isaiah 41
Wednesday – Psalm 46
Thursday – Exodus 15
Friday – Joshua 1
Saturday – Ephesians 6

Jesus the Rock

   Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:4 – 6

    “And all drank the same spiritual drink, for they drank from the spiritual rock that followed them, and the rock was Christ.” God’s provision does not always mean life will be easy, citing Israel’s experience in the wilderness. Paul warned the
Corinthians of this reality, though God delivered these Israelites from bondage in Egypt, turned the red sea into dry land and led them by a cloud through the wilderness miraculous intervention did not necessarily indicate God’s approval.

      Christ is central to all of redemptive history, the birth of Jesus was an incarnation not His beginning, He was behind the miraculous source of manna and water in the wilderness. The rock followed them in the sense that the blessings of Christ,
as symbolized in the supply of water, never failed.

      Matthew 16:18 “… And upon this rock I will build my Church…” Jesus, He himself is the rock upon which the Church is built and that the Church is built out of those stones. Matthew 7:24, “Builds a house on solid rock” Is your house built on the solid rock or the sand?

  Be blessed
Pastor Ron & Darlene Short.


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