December 14, 2018

Scripture: Luke 2:15 – 20
In scripture Luke 2: 19 “but Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” as we reflect back to when Mary had a visitation from the angel Gabriel and was told she was the favored one and the lord is with her.
Then she was told to be silent and unable to speak until everything takes place, she was then troubled and tried to discern what was happening. Now Gabriel explains to Mary that her son will be called son of the most high and he will receive the throne from his father David.
As Mary ponders this she says “I am the servant of the lord, let it be to me according to your word.”
Then we ponder Mary's song of praise in Luke 1: 46 – 56 and how Mary believed in what the lord said to her.
May the best gifts of Christmas be yours
The gift of love.
The gift of hope.
The gift of joy.
The gift of peace.
The gift of happiness.
The gift of Jesus.

This Christmas season, “ponder” everything Jesus has done for you.
God bless
Pastor Ron & Darlene short.

December 07, 2018
Is it important for a Christian to have "Daily Devotions.”

Daily devotions is a phrase used to denote the discipline of bible reading and prayer with which Christians start or end their day. It is important to spend time with God in daily devotions. “For God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness” “Has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”

The experience of having God’s light shine in our hearts comes in our times spent in the presence of God of course, this light comes only from knowing God through Christ. The marvelous treasure of the Holy Spirit is given to each Christian, and we need faith to believe and act upon that truth in all reality, if we truly yearn to experience the light of our Lord, we will need to be with God every day. “The gospel brings man to God: Devotions keep him close to God.” James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…” In daily devotions, we want to draw near to God, understand more about him, obey His commands, and hold on to his promises. Whatever the format of daily devotions, the important thing is that our daily devotions, as the name applies, be truly devoted to God and occur daily.

Just as those ancient priests prepared themselves to be near God, we also should prepare ourselves spiritually to worship Him, whether in formal worship or in our personal devotional times.

Be blessed as you spend time daily with Jesus Christ.

God bless
Pastor Ron & Darlene Short.

November 25, 2018
“Does he know Me”
Scripture: John 10:3

“To him the gate keeper opens, the sheep hear his voice, and he calls his sheep by name and leads them out.”
It is possible to know all about doctrine and yet not know Jesus. The soul is in danger when knowledge of doctrine out steps intimate touch with Jesus.

Mary in John 20: 11 – 18 knew that it was Jesus because immediately she heard the voice, she knew she had a past history with the one who spoke “Master.”

Thomas in John 20:24 – 28 doubted it was Jesus until he was able to put his finger in His wounds and see His hands, then Thomas answered “my Lord, my God,”

Peter in John 21: 15 – 17 denied knowing Jesus and then after Jesus resurrection, Jesus appeared to Peter alone. Jesus restored Peter.

I will ask this question, “Do you have a personal history with Jesus Christ”? The one sign of discipleship is an intimate connection with Jesus, a knowledge of Jesus Christ which nothing can shake.

Tonight at 6:00 pm we are having our special service “Pursuit” build your relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a time of Praise, Worship, Prayer and Waiting upon the Lord. God’s word says in James 4:8 “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you...”

Just a reminder also to purchase your Church Christmas Banquet tickets, see Sharon or Darlene to purchase them.

Be blessed
Pastor Ron & Darlene Short.

November 11, 2018


Today we celebrate Remembrance Day, we pause to honor those who fought for our freedom, to reflect on the price they paid, and to acknowledge the benefits we gained though the sacrifice.

We must appreciate the freedoms we enjoy in Canada, the freedoms we take for granted in our land. Some of the freedom are – Democratic rights to vote, Language Rights, Equality rights Legal right, Mobility rights, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of expression and Freedom of assembly and association are a few.

Today as we pause to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy at others expense, we also say Thank to Jesus Christ for the sacrifice he made for mankind.

Hebrews 10:19 – 20 “Therefore Brothers, since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the Blood of Jesus, by the new and living way that he opened for us through the curtain into the most holy place.”

Jesus sacrificial death paved the way for us to have access to God. Because of what he’s done, we can know with certainty that our sins are washed away. We can enjoy moment by moment fellowship with Jesus. We can bring our concerns and needs to Him in confidence believing that He’ll care for us.

Today let’s pause to honor those who fought for our freedom and as we do, let’s remember the price that Jesus paid so that we might enjoy spiritual freedom too.

Be blessed
Pastor Ron & Darlene Short.

nOVEMBER 4, 2018

Scripture: Jeremiah 29: 11 – 13
“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”
Our King James version dictionary defines “Pursue”

To follow, to go or proceed after or in a like direction, to follow with a view to overtake, to follow with haste, to chase, to seek, to use measures to obtain, to follow as an example, to imitate, to strive, to reach or gain, to go on or to proceed.

God is always sending us good things and taking care of our needs despite our selfishness and our ignorance and our rebelliousness. God deserves more than our attention: He deserves our affections, He doesn’t just want us to listen to Him, He wants us to know Him. He wants us to follow hard after Him. And when we do, we reap tremendous benefits, more than any human relationship could offer. We truly find God, we gain His presence and His heart Jeremiah 29: 13. We are not forsaken that means we are never alone. God is always there. – Psalm 4: 2. He forgives and heals when we repent no earthly friendship can do both – 2 Chronicles 7: 14. God provides good things when we make Him our number one priority – Matthew 6: 33. There is so much to gain when we make God our quest, so actively pursue a relationship with the Lord ask Him what, He desires of you. Seek Him out day after day, knock on the door of opportunity until He opens the way to His will and His presence. Find Him in the shade of the evening, walk with Him in the cool of the draw, and never give up that pursuit. Over the next 3 weeks we are looking at a new series “Pursuit”, this will end on Sunday November 25 with a special worship service scheduled at 6:00 pm. Be blessed as we pursue a much deeper relationship with Jesus.

October 28, 2018
Obedience to the Holy Spirit
Part nO. 2

Scripture: Galatians 5: 16 “This I say then, walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” 
To walk in the Spirit means obeying his initial promptings. You do it by going through each day aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence with you. You submit to him as you feel him pulling you in a certain direction or tugging at your heart to take a particular course of action, even if you don’t quite understand why.

For example, you may be convicted to drop a conversation, turn away quickly from a T.V. program, or leave a place that is questionable. Whatever it is, do so immediately – The spirit is warning you about a temptation to sin that you may be able to resist unless you obey him instantly.

Perhaps there is someone who comes to your mind during the day. You know he or she has been going through a difficult time and could use some support. Call or write that person. The spirit will give you the right words to encourage him or her, he wants to minister to that person through you and is sure to bless you as you do so. The spirit of the living God knows all things including the future, and his direction is always for your benefit.

If you yield to the Holy Spirit and depend on his ability rather than your own. He will enable you not only to live a life that is pleasing to Christ but also to experience God in ways you never thought possible.


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